About Us


Who doesn’t enjoy KPOP music?

We do, that’s why we created this blog.

WARNING:: Just to let you all know, that this blog post alot related things to the ‘BIG THREE’. In case you don’t know the Big Three are the 3 main companies running in korea, such as, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment & JYP Entertainment.
Though we will still be uploading other stuff too.

New/Old MVs you might wanna see?!

New/Old Teasers?!

Variety/Talk Shows with eng subs for those who don’t understand korean?!

are all here…

Everything posted such as videos etc. will be properly credited.

RealKSounds does not own anything. We are just publishing it for others to see.

Shows with English subs have been credited to those who actually sub them.

We do not make our own profit from those videos, so subbers, don’t worry =)

Any questions?! Please contact us. =)

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